Our Product : Weighwagon known as seed tender is best solition for agricultural industry and use by many seed producers such as PIONEER , MONSANTO ,  KWC TURK  , SYGENTA , LIMAGRAIN , MAYTOHUM , MAISADOUR . We are working with these producers for years and ready to expand our network .

Our weigwagon product is perfect solution for field researchs , weigh specific areas and getting exact results for specific products in limited areas.

  • Reliable
  • Accurate weighing
  • Load-point sensors provide the most accurate weighing possible in a mobile unit, Whether for a seed customer or for crop management research.
  • Large easy to read and easy to use scale heead.
  • Scale features include an easy to read LCD display , a net\ gross mode for determining net or total weight and a tare feature that provides a temporary zero batch weighing.
  • Viewing stairs it only takes a step or two check weigh wagon contents Mobile features and in many places in the field makes Weighing.
  • Easy to transplant
  • Practice is filling and discharge systems.


Capacity                             Division
1500 kg                              500 gr
3000 kg                                  1 kg