Truck Scales

We produced three different types truck scales .They have 3 metres width and up to 24 metres lenght. They are produced as modular type technique with highest quality obeying the industrial standards. As a result of their structure , they provide easy mounting and after sale servce opportunities. All surfaces are isolated with undercoat and synthetic paint in order to protect against external factors.


Pıtless Type Truck Scale

Pitless Type Truck Scale

The Pitless Type Truck Scales are the prior preferences of the enterprises because of their desings that are simple and may be mounted on the economical foundaiton .They are installed on the foundaion that is contructed on the grounds and communication of the vehicles onto the platform is ensured through the entry- exit ramps.

Pıt Type Truck Scale

Pit Type Truck Scale

The Pit Type Truck Scales are the preference of the enterprises where the vehicle movements are intensive and have insufficent place. That occupy less ares through their installation in the pit, opened in the ground , and facilitate the vehicle entries and exits by widening the maneuvering area of the vehicles.

Flat-top Type Truck Scale

Flat-top Type Truck Scale

The Flat-Top Type Truck Scales are preferred by the enterprises requiring easy cleaning such as under-silo filling facilities because of their increased widths and carrying beams installed under the surface . Unavailability of any dentation and increased width provides ease at the maneuvers and entries-exits of the vehicles.